From the North

Visual Identity
From the North is a hypothetical exhibition curated by the Anchorage Museum. This exhibition features six contemporary Alaska native artists: Nicholas Galanin, Brian Jungen, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Allison warden, Teri Rofkar, and Susie Silook, who redefined the intersections of history and identity, both personal and cultural. They challenge perceptions about indigenous people and convey the voice of the North. The identity system helps to transfer the message of the North to the next generation and to lead people in the process of redefining.

Logo ︎︎︎
The idea is to use the graphic line as a guide route that leads people to the process of redefining and hearing the story from the north.

Exhibition + Promotional Poster Series︎︎︎Posters have a direct and simple layout with the adjustable diagonal line as graphic elements in the background to be used flexibly.

Exhibition Guide︎︎︎
The brochure mimics a “door” and unfolding it opens the story.

Campaign + Spatial Design︎︎︎

Exhibition Website︎︎︎