Salomon Summit

Visual Identity

Salomon is a French sports equipment company founded in 1947 by François Salomon in the heart of the French Alps. Salomon produces products for various sports markets, including trail running, hiking, climbing, and snowboarding.

Salomon Summit is a new hypothetical camping experience and service to the extension of Salomon. To motivate Salomon’s brand spirit of “It’s time to play outdoor,” the new brand offers toys (products) designed by playmakers (designers). The goal is to provide a unique opportunity for an outdoor lifestyle at the playground (campground). Players (customers) can fully engage with community gathering, adventure, and wandering in nature.

Logo︎︎︎The logotype is based on the shape of tents and inspired by the stripes pattern on Salomon’s shoe design.

Postcard + Sticker Design︎︎︎

Camping Guide Brochure︎︎︎

Viewers could read the brochure horizontally and vertically, and see different content by folding and unfolding the pages. Inspired by the shapes of sticky notes to frame the content and giving some playfulness to it.

Environmental Design︎︎︎

Gears + Collaterals︎︎︎

Pop-Up Truck Shop︎︎︎

Mobile App Design︎︎︎
Users can book the camp, check out the gears, and customize stickers on the app. It continues to use the graphic shape as a container to frame the content in the system.