Growing Wild

Exhibition Book, Catalog

Growing Wild, a hypothetical exhibition book, features six contemporary Chinese photographers who displayed and focused on authority, space, and memory in their works. Massive spatial changes are affected by political power and commercial capital in urban development while profoundly affecting real lives and people’s attitudes toward reality. As a result, space has become a new creative theme for contemporary artists.

The book focuses on connecting the concept of power and space with the grid system and layout in the book. By using compact and powerful image structures to reveal the messages from these artists.


The heavy layout grid visualizes the form of the buildings, and images are pushed into the text to express the idea of conflict ︎︎︎

The usage of orange works as the main color to represent the strong attitudes towards reality at that time from each artists ︎︎︎
Exhibition Posters︎︎︎
The poster layout emphasizes the focal point at the center and communicates a strong and bold sense transformed from the artists’ spirit.